your Digital Management Service Subscription

Thank you for selecting Level II management! Crossland Communication is happy to manage up to two digital assets on your behalf.
Please note monthly media spend exceeding $1997 requires Level III or higher. 

Management Plan Details

Level II scope of work includes digital media buying and management services of up to two assets. 
Assets and scope specifications are determined by the Business Intensive Report as well as ongoing needs identified by the team. 

About Direct Costs

Media advertising spend is billed directly by the publisher. 
Any additional direct cost, such as printing, third-party vendor services or software, requires prior approval and is billed directly by the servicer. 

About Billing, Failed Payments and Cancellation Terms

Management is a subscription service billed monthly. Failed payments left unresolved for more than 72 hours may result in an implementation hold on your account. During the hold, no content will be released by Crossland Communication until payment is resolved. 30 days notice is required for cancellation.