80 Acres Farms started with a vision and ended with a community.

Industry: Agriculture Technology, Manufacturing

Company size: 51-200 Employees

Location: USA


Urban farm 80 Acres is pioneering the future of food with multiple indoor, hydroponic farms across the United States.

Just a few months away from a world-first innovation, 80 Acres brought us in to maximize their impact. Like every visionary startup, they needed to tell their story of global change. They had massive goals for growth but had no plan to execute on.

Founder Mike Zelkind & Tisha Livingston needed support for four areas in our first call:

  • Prepare for milestone of opening new facility

  • Develop digital strategy and assets to share our story

  • Provide skills training for self management in our internal marketing team

  • Find smart media buys to increase our reach


Building A Community

Data as a Solution


We walked 80 Acres through a proven process to bring out stories that reflect the best of the brand.

We partnered with internal development teams and third party vendors to craft consistency across the launch of their new facility. We created concrete goals and clear tactics to get there.


  • Growth Consulting

  • Media & Advertising Management

  • Leadership Training

To prepare, our team set five objectives for 80 Acres:

  • Discover core message that resonates with ideal audience

  • Develop plan to generate awareness and motivate data-building action from an engaged community

  • Leverage all press opportunities with custom data-driven ads

  • Leverage all speaking opportunities with custom data-driven ads

  • Train team on strategy and skills to execute


Since partnering with Crossland Communication, 80 Acres Farms has built an engaged online community that can reach more than half a million people a month.

With a clear, accessible message, 80 Acres is connecting with people who are invested in the organization’s mission.

We helped them nail their messaging in order to launch a media burst that opened the door to 26 new distributors, garnered international attention, and set the pace of growing momentum online.

In 90 Days…

We reached nearly one million people with 126,000% increase in engagement while doubling the size of their digital community across all channels.

“We never could have done this without you.” -Rebecca Haders, Vice President of Creative Marketing, 80 Acres Farms

Are you ready to activate your digital community?