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Digital Data Seminar with the National Communication Association


The National Communication Association has invited me to host a seminar on Digital Data practices to open its annual convention in November. 

If you're going to Nat Com this year, I hope you will join me! Please note that all attendees must be registered to attend the conference. You can register at

Here is an overview of the session:

Digital data at play: How Media Practitioners Use Big Data Creatively to Build Affinity and Relevance Online

Data intelligence in marketing communications has become a key controversial issue. In 2018, a whistleblower revealed that critical data used to inform the Trump campaign strategy was acquired from unethical data acquisition tactics. Industry professionals are facing increasing regulations and restrictions for how data is collected and used. This seminar is designed to provide an overview of leading innovative digital strategies that use big data ethically as a basis for strategic communication choices online. Participants will examine the interplay of ethics and data in the field of marketing to identify ethical gray areas, black-hat marketing techniques and ways to operate with data integrity. In the session, participants will experience live media creation and distribution. The outcome of the session is for attendees to have an applied knowledge and appreciation for the interactive media process. 

8:00 am
Data ice breaker: What are you willing to share?
8:30 am
Leading Data-driven Media Strategies
9:00 am
How Practitioners Access Big Data
9:30 am
What is microtargeting? How deep does it go?
10:00 am
Using Data To Craft Relevant, Innovative Media
11:00 am
Interactive Campaign Building: Watch Live as We Craft Targeted Messages

Later Event: December 11
Boss Mom Meetup